What is a Stud Show?

The Stud Show is a women led fundraiser to help generate funds and supplies for this year’s Women Build. It’s a ladies night out with cocktails, basket-draws, appetizers and this year’s Bling-a-Stud contest and show (scroll down for contest details)!

Women Build aims to help empower women across the country make a difference through service projects. Our Stud Show is the kickoff event for this year’s build. Home building begins September 17th & runs every Saturday through November 19th. Tickets for the Stud Show are available for purchase online now and studs can be picked up at our office, 905 McCann Rd. Click here

What’s a Stud Show?   Purchase Tickets

The Bling-A-Stud Contest:

Each ticket comes with a construction stud (1 x 1 x 8 ft boards used to frame a home). Participants can decorate their stud in any fashion they choose and a group of fun-loving gentlemen (our “studs”) will model the decorated boards fashion show style. If you don’t want to decorate, you can always just come to the show! Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 of each category of blinged studs and the audience will vote for “Stud of the Year” with tips so be sure to bring cash for your favorite!

Categories for Prizes:

Blinged Beams:
Simpler studs with nothing protruding over 2-3 in.

Sassy Studs
Embellished studs, mid-range adornments & appendages.

Lavish Lumber
Over the top, large & in charge add-ons & appendages.

Ravishing Rafters
Any entry that has group (duo or trio) of stud boards decorated to create a theme.

Later in the fall, the decorated studs will be used in the actual construction of the Women Build home located at 507 Sabine. Click here to volunteer for Women Build.